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  • 08dec,2021

    The information and data that an Educational Institution handles are massive. Traditionally, it was a practice to process each of the tasks manually. It was not only time consuming but also resulted in human error and duplication of work. It became a matter of concern for the Institutes as they could not find a solution. The introduction of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to the schools was the beginning of a new era.

    The transition from traditional to digital platforms has been a boon to many sectors, including educational institutions. School ERP is not only affordable but is also an effective application. It works on an automated system that will give the result quickly and accurately. ERP is a giant application because you can infuse all the activities of the school into one common platform. The prime advantage of an ERP is that it tends to evade all obstacles. So, it does not matter where you are stationed, the work must carry on.

    How does School ERP work?

    The sole purpose of an ERP is to integrate all the departments into one cloud based system so that the process is managed in an organized way. So as a part of the management, you can monitor all the administrative activities and get the relevant information as and when required. A School ERP works on the following modules.

    Admission Module:
    The first step in all the schools is to manage the admission process efficiently. With the help of School ERP you can get detailed information of the entire admission process. It only covers the number of admission taken but also gives you detailed data of the number of inquiries for admission and their follow-ups.

    Student Module:
    The School ERP stores each and every detail of a particular student. You just need to enter the name or their respective Unique ID. The software will give you all the relevant data of the student including the status of fees. So, at the end of the session, you can get a detailed report of all the students with just a click of the button.
    The Students on the other hand have their own dashboard. They can login with the given credentials and access daily work and assignments. The dashboard provides them with all the information including the status of their fees.

    Teacher’s Module:
    Each teacher has their own individual dashboard where they can create time tables, assignments and also get information on any duties assigned to them. The teachers can also create assignments for any particular class and post remarks for a particular student. So, the School ERP is also helpful to the parents as they can keep a track of their ward regarding education.

    Fees Module:
    Collection of fees and keeping a constant vigil of the fees is a monumental task. The School ERP is designed to handle multiple fee payments without any error. You can get detailed information of the status of fees received and outstanding at the end of every month. It also supports an online payment
    facility of fees. It removes the hindrance of manually collecting fees and entering the data. Once the fee is paid by a student, the ERP will process it and update all the relevant data.

    Benefit of School ERP Software:

    As the world is changing and transcending towards a more technologically-driven world, so is the educational domain.

    ERP saves time and increases efficiency. Its implementation ensures an institution to function with maximum potential.
    It is cost effective and can be tailor-made for any school.
    As all the data is stored in the cloud and is secured by login credentials, the loss of data is negligible.
    It is helpful for the teachers, students and parents as there is complete transparency.
    It ensures best student-teacher coordination.

    The School ERP software helps the school to manage their daily academic as well as administrative activities efficiently. It is one platform for all. So, precisely you can manage all the activities of the school in one single platform. Moreover, schools have the liberty to create their own modules. It is affordable and an important application to run your school efficiently.

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