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  • LMS Software For Schools

    The Classroom Edge Learning Management Software is a platform that replicates the traditional classroom environment in a school. It has been built to blend traditional teaching and learning methods with online e-learning platforms for teachers, students and schools. In the present times where online learning is the buzz of the day and which is also the way forward for the teaching fraternity, the LMS Software becomes an important plug point to make teaching and learning a joyful, interactive and effective experience.

  • Online Classes

    The sudden onslaught of Covid-19 had left us in disarray. We were all socially paralyzed as every sector of the society was severely affected. There was a global lockdown of all essential and nonessential services. This affected the education sector largely. Schools were shut down completely and students found themselves out of the classroom. This called for a paradigm shift in the traditional education system where institutions and the teaching fraternity were coerced into using online teaching platforms. It resulted in the evolution of online classes in the K-12 sector and beyond. Millions of educators and students worldwide adapted quickly to the new age online teaching platforms.

  • Online School

    We live in a world of digital technology where we are increasingly using the internet for online services as per our needs and requirements. An innovative educational platform is The Online School, ‘A Blessing in Disguise’. The Corona Virus pandemic had far-reaching effects on every aspect of our daily lives and has brought about a sea change in our mode of study, work schedules and life styles. In this context ‘Online Education’ has become the life line for teachers, students and parents in the teaching and learning process.

  • School ERP Campus Management Software

    In today’s changing scenario, running a school efficiently is indeed a challenging and daunting task. Keeping track of database records over the years of students, teachers, parents, and other staff members is pivotal and essential for the management. Thus, Data management and organization is of vital importance. This is where A school ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a type of software comes into play, minimizing mismanagement of data and the possibility of human error.

  • Affordable School ERP

    The information and data that an Educational Institution handles are massive. Traditionally, it was a practice to process each of the tasks manually. It was not only time consuming but also resulted in human error and duplication of work. It became a matter of concern for the Institutes as they could not find a solution. The introduction of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to the schools was the beginning of a new era.

  • Free Online Kindergarten Classes

    Online classes have become the criteria of every educational institution. The sudden surge of Covid-19 has created a shift from the traditional classroom to an online classroom. Online classes have become a boon to the educational sector as the students can continue with their studies sitting in the comfort of their house. But you need an uninterrupted flow of the internet and an android phone, tablet, and platform. So wherever a student is residing, they can join the scheduled classes and continue with their studies. The most fantastic part of online classes is that it is cost-effective, and you do not have to bear the extra expenses of traveling and other costs.

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