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  • 16dec,2021

    Online classes have become the criteria of every educational institution. The sudden surge of Covid-19 has created a shift from the traditional classroom to an online classroom. Online classes have become a boon to the educational sector as the students can continue with their studies sitting in the comfort of their house. But you need an uninterrupted flow of the internet and an android phone, tablet, and platform. So wherever a student is residing, they can join the scheduled classes and continue with their studies. The most fantastic part of online classes is that it is cost-effective, and you do not have to bear the extra expenses of traveling and other costs.

    The LMS platform of ClassroomEdge offers free online Kindergarten classes to the students. It is a technology-based approach where teaching and learning are done online. The children become more interested in teaching online as they can visualize the contents. Moreover, during an online class, the teacher uses images and videos that make the learning process more enjoyable. Since kindergarten children take up the learning process from their house, they feel more comfortable and relaxed. The parents can also keep track of the studies of their ward.

    The LMS platform of ClassroomEdge has paved the way for better coordination between students, teachers, and parents. Online teaching also makes the students, especially the lower classes, feel that there is one-to-one teaching. They feel that the teacher is communicating with them directly. Hence, there is always a positive response from the student’s side.

    Technically, it is tough to control a kindergarten child in school as they will throw up all types of unnecessary tantrums. However, with online classes, the teacher saves time and energy as they do not need to settle the class and see that every student is sitting in their place has the necessary books on the table. In addition, parents now have to check whether their child is attending the class daily.

    Online classes are free of cost, so there are no extra expenses of joining the classes every day. An Android phone and an uninterrupted internet flow are all you need to attend your daily class. The same is applicable for teachers also. The advantage of free online kindergarten classes is that you can keep track of the children’s attendance. In addition, there is an uninterrupted flow of daily assignments. So, you, the students, are kept engaged with their studies on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, you can publish the topic that you would be teaching daily. Hence the students are well informed about what their teacher will teach on a particular date.

    Online classes have also helped the students to become self-disciplined. The timings of the various classes are published in their respective dashboards from where they know the class timings. Online classes are a boon to the educational sector as the teaching-learning process can be done from anywhere. Following are some of the benefits of free online kindergarten classes:

    1. Students, especially tiny children, will jump to attend online classes as the experience of attending a class sitting in the comfort of your house is exciting.

    2. There are a lot of varieties in online classes. A student will find the classes interesting as there are a lot of visuals that include images and videos. It makes the learning process enjoyable.

    3. Students sometimes find it challenging to adjust to the traditional classroom as they fail to concentrate. With online teaching, students can find a suitable corner in the house and continue their classes without being distracted.

    4. The comfort of the house for learning sometimes becomes beneficial for the students. The students can find a comfortable place to continue their classes. It helps them to understand better as there are fewer distractions. Moreover, if the parents find that their child is busy with online classes, they will never distract you.

    So, if you are looking for a one-to-one teaching-learning process, the best option is the online learning platform. An hour of online learning is far better than spending two hours in offline learning. It helps the students to have a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, if there is any doubt, the student can always refer to their teacher without feeling embarrassed and shy. Online kindergarten classes will give a chance to your child to grow independently and become self-dependent and disciplined.

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