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  • 09dec,2021

    We live in a world of digital technology where we are increasingly using the internet for online services as per our needs and requirements. An innovative educational platform is The Online School, ‘A Blessing in Disguise’. The Corona Virus pandemic had far-reaching effects on every aspect of our daily lives and has brought about a sea change in our mode of study, work schedules and life styles. In this context ‘Online Education’ has become the life line for teachers, students and parents in the teaching and learning process.

    ‘Online School’ has now become one of the viable options to continue teaching and learning. Nothing can be better than regular traditional school; but the Covid19 pandemic has changed it all. Students are compelled to move towards online education platforms, where ‘Online School’ is the new buzz in the neighbourhood. As the name suggests ‘Online School’ is an online education platform that is actually virtual school where a student learns in a virtual environment according to a syllabus. The basic requirement is a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a working internet connection. The Online School replicates the physical school virtually and enables a student to study online through online software applications. In an online school, a student takes online classes, does assignments and homework, takes online exams, attends virtual school functions, gets results online and interacts with teachers and classmates online.

    An online school comes with a set of advantages and benefits. Firstly, students can learn at their own pace. All resources are accessible online; so, if you have a decent internet connection time and location is no bar. It saves on travel time and helps students staying at different locations to connect from anywhere for online classes. Explanations, notes, homework, assignments and videos can be stored for better understanding and revision. The online school is being appreciated for its portability and accessibility, which covers a far mode wider radius than a physical school can cover. More students can be accommodated in an online school as space is no more a constraint here. For parents it may prove to be an affordable option for their wards as it cuts down on travel costs, overhead expenses largely and saves a good amount of time. In case students are absent they can review recorded classes online, which also an added benefit.

    Teaching and Learning has to go on. Obstacles need to be overcome to continue learning and an online school helps you do just that. In the present scenario of the Covid19 pandemic ‘online school’ seems to be a viable option and is being preferred by many students and parents at present. The online school tries its best to educate your child and build the foundation just like in a physical school. The Online School strives to make teaching and learning a joyful and interactive experience with animated videos, graphics, and a host of digital resources.

    We are indeed in the process of experiencing Digital Revolution with the advent of online schooling.

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